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R.I.S.K. Sonoma - una red de apoyo para padres de familia que por sus siglas en inglés  significa  Recursos, Informacion, Apoyo, & Conocimiento- es una organización sin fines de lucros dedicada a ayudar a conectar a familias con recursos. Nuestra estructura y servicios están diseñados para ayudarnos a ser intercesores para padres y sus hijos  con temas difíciles como lo son el uso de sustancias, bullying, asuntos  académicos o problemas en la escuela. Padres de familia se pueden encontrar en situaciones difíciles con sus hijo/as, y no tienen dónde buscar ayuda.  R.I.S.K. ofrece un apoyo  cuando padres de familia necesitan hablar y una coneccion a recursos y apoyo de profesionales. 

Starting at “square one” while you are struggling with a difficult and confused teen is difficult. We hope to be able to eliminate the need for parents to have to research for help. We want to be there to take some of the burden off of them and give them the tools and support they need. We believe parents need support to stay healthy and strong to be able to help get their teens and their families the help they need.

R.I.S.K. is partnering with other groups in the Sonoma Valley including Sonoma Valley Boys and Girls Club, Sonoma Mentoring Alliance, Sonoma Valley Community Health Center and Sonoma Valley Hospital and schools to centralize information, support and resources. We are here to listen and create a dialogue between parents and the community about raising children in today’s world. 

R.I.S.K. has held a number of public forums to help educate the public about the dangers our kids and teen face from binge drinking, e-cigs/vaping, the effects of marijuana on brain development in teens, and opioid issues and addiction. Our goal is to be proactive in bringing these issues to the forefront. Through education, professional panel and open discussion, we hope to be able to give parents and students the tools and knowledge they need to make positive choices and be equipped with a better understanding of what the potential dangers are when using drugs and alcohol.

Drastic  increase  in  teen  vaping and how companies are targeting kids...


"A steep rise in nicotine vaping over the past year was the largest annual jump in the use of any substance, including marijuana, they had seen in the project’s 44-year history. The rise amounted to 1.3 million more high school vapers in 2018 than in 2017".  Learn more here and here.

Teen abuse of prescription drugs...


Prescription drug misuse has become a large public health problem, because misuse can lead to addiction, and even overdose deaths. For teens, it is a growing problem. Read more here.


We would like to thank our sponsors who support our efforts and our events.

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